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  •     You get to speak to a lawyer with over 40 years experience.
  •     I personally meet with you.
  •     If the Crown can prove that you committed a crime
  •     I do everything possible to keep you out of jail. My track record speaks for itself.
  •     If they can't I do everything possible to have the charge withdrawn rather than have a trial.

The way it works: We meet and I obtain from the Crown every piece of evidence they have.
Then we go through it together. I do not play any cards until I see their entire hand. I am known as a lawyer who defended the longest non charter trial ever so that the Crown knows that I will proceed to trial.

We have a right to expect the police to tell the truth Usually they do.  I have successfully defended cases where the police were disbelieved and the client acquitted. I have no fear of defending against police lying.  It should never be allowed

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  • Extremely High Success Rate
  • I Always Answer My Phone
  • Very Extensive Experience In Criminal Defence
  • Always Available To Meet Or Speak
  • Extensive Trial Experience In High Profile Cases Enables Me To Provide Excellent Service

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